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Dave has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. In front and behind the camera he's worked with some of the best in music, film and fashion.

Working in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles Dave has a solid background in photography, styling and casting for brands including The Gap, Gap Kids, DKNY, Dior, Hugo Boss, St. John, Calvin Klein and for print publications including Vogue, Vogue Homme, Details, W, Arena, V, Harper’s Bazaar and Interview magazine.

As a film maker he continues to work as an actor, producer and director.

"Represent yourself in a way that respects yourself as an actor and respects the time of the people that bring you in for the role."


Headshots are portraits with a purpose

I'm really passionate about taking headshots. I understand it can really open doors to casting, managers and agents and ultimately a career you've dreamed of.

I love working closely with the actors I shoot, making sure you're comfortable, prepared and getting great results.

For most actors it's hard looking into a camera. We’re so used to working in front of people or cameras and basically ignoring them that when we have a lens pointed directly at us we don’t know what to do. I know how to get you to a place where you'll "pop" in your picture, which for me means connecting with the lens and for you means connecting with casting directors, representation and managers.

If you have representation, even better. I can talk to them to really tailor the shoot to their needs.

Today a huge percentage of casting, commercially and theatrically, is done online. Casting directors stare at LCD's for hours at a time flicking through thumbnails. I really want to create an image that will stand out, get you noticed and satisfy the room when you walk in looking like your shot. After all, they're bringing you in not an overly retouched version of you.

There are a lot of factors that go into making a great headshot: lighting, wardrobe, hair and makeup, but most importantly you. Like any great actor I'm photographing what you're thinking rather than what you're doing. You've more then likely heard the expression "it's all about the eyes"? Well that's not too much about how the light shines in them and more about a clear precise thought shooting into the camera and registering on film as you being totally present. Your thoughts along with your wardrobe are the very thing that creates what most representation wants these days: specific looks representing the many roles you can go out for.

"I want to get you away from the "photo face" you always use to hide, you know, the one you always use for facebook! I want you to allow your true essence to shine."

For any professional actor who has worked on set hair and makeup is an essential part of being on film. The idea is for you to look your best, not overly "done" but to cover blemishes and uneven skin and to style your hair so as not to distract from the final image. Always, though, remembering this is your shoot and at any time you don't feel comfortable it's your place to stop the shoot to make changes. We want you comfortable after all. Hair and makeup should be natural and clean looking.

"If you're an actor you should be less obsessed about how you look and more obsessed about how you think."

Headshot shoots can be daunting, I've sat for quite a few over the years, but I can assure you we'll have a great time, and your representation will be happy too!

Hope to see you on set!

Dave Bryant


$175 - 1 look

March Madness Special: $250 - 3 looks

$625 - 5 looks

Shoot Deposits

Secure your spot:

Or Pay In Full

Pay In Full


+1 (323) 942-9855


Boring Important Stuff

Deposits are required for all shoots which is applied to your session cost.

We require a full 48hr for shoot cancelation made by email for full deposit refund. You can also apply the deposit to your next shoot.

We accept all major credit cards via paypal (Get 3% off paying by cash)

What's included

Phone or email consultation to discuss what to bring from your wardrobe.

1 look is approx. 20-50 digital images after being edited down for you.

Online gallery and download area

1 shot from each look prepped for print and web: sharpening, brighten eyes, minimal pimple removal, minimal fly-away hairs

Hair and Make-up

We highly recommend using professional hair and makeup artists. We work closes with several professional hair and makeup people.

Women $150

Men $75

Extra Retouching

Base price for more than included image clean up $50.

Otherwise based on a case by case basis.

Pro hair and makeup is strongly advised as it will cut down on retouching your shots.

Children's prices vary by age.


Why do you crop the tops of people's heads off?

Generally speaking headshots are used for online casting. The bigger your face and eyes the better as your eyes show what you're thinking, and that's what's important with headshots. As an actor you're telling a story and that comes across in the eyes. Also I think it looks more dynamic and just... well... cool. If you have a hairline or style that needs to be shown, as it's part of your vibe, we don't have to crop so much. I shoot wide and close to give you options.

You seem to insist on using a professional makeup person.

Yes, yes and yes! For girls and guys actually. It really makes a huge difference. The emphasis is on clean and natural looking. Nothing heavy. You want to look like yourself not like someone who needs to hide behind makeup and lighting. Casting directors aren't stupid. They can tell when someone is hiding and won't bring you in. I've worked as an actor on commercials, feature films, indies, pop videos, fashion shoots etc and always had hair and grooming. Your shots represent you as an actor and as a business person who respects your career.

What if I'm really good at my own makeup or I have someone I can bring or go to before the shoot?

That's great! I prefer having someone at the shoot to help with fly away hair, powdering down etc. If an actor is really good at her/his own makeup I always suggest for women, at the very least, a professional blow-out right before the shoot. it really adds a touch of professionalism to the look.


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